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45 Acres of Positivity, Learning and Leadership

The road to Harvard (USA) starts at Amber! Our students learn Entrepreneurship and Business Basics through a Harvard Program.
What we do

Why choosing Amber can be THEBESTdecision for your child’s education


AMBER VALLEY Residential School?

Empowering Children with Holistic Education
10:1 Student to faculty ratio for enhanced attention
Celebrating Curiosity
Junior School
Our belief is that learning at this stage deeply influences the ability to learn at later school stages. ​ The teaching methodology is built around the premise that a concept is better understood through a ​ variety of experiences and exploration of the environment.
Middle School
At our esteemed institution, students are urged to delve into social and intellectual challenges, especially in today’s Social Media-dominated era, fostering self-reflection. This prepares them for the pivotal teenage years, solidifying our position as the No.1 Boarding School in India.
Senior School
Continuing the process of learning to communicate with clarity and precision, sufficient care is taken to prepare students for the ICSE/ISC exams with a well laid-out routine of unit tests, end-term exams and practice exams. ​The teaching methodology at Senior School focuses on rigor in writing and thinking.

Overall Development

At Amber Valley, our focused program develops questioning and independent thinkers – individuals who learn from and interact with​ the world around them through inquiry and an openness to explore and discover.


Aisshwarya DKS Hegde